How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make in Their First Year?


One of the main considerations for people who want to become real estate agents is how much they can expect to make in their first year. In addition to the benefits like flexibility and opportunities for advancement, many people are drawn to real estate as a career because of the potential to earn a substantial income. The answer is that it depends on the market, the level of experience, and the brokerage an agent works with.

The commission structure that a real estate agent is paid under will impact how much they actually receive for each transaction. A standard real estate commission is 6% of the sales price of a property. This percentage is typically split between the seller’s agent and broker and the buyer’s agent and broker. However, the exact breakdown varies by state and brokerage and can be negotiated between the parties involved in the sale. Read more https://www.homesaleschicagoland.com/sell-my-house-fast-berwyn-illinois/

A real estate agent’s commission is based on the total selling price of a property, which includes the sales price as well as any other fees or charges associated with the purchase or sale. For example, the real estate agent will need to pay for advertising and marketing of the property as well as any legal or escrow costs that are associated with the closing. Additionally, most real estate agents will need to cover their own expenses such as the cost of licensing and education.

As a result, the total commission for a home sale is often more than just the listing agent’s and buyer’s agent’s share. Additionally, real estate agents are not able to receive the commission payments directly, but rather must pay a fee to their sponsoring broker. Ultimately, the broker then distributes the commission payout to the agents according to their agreement with the broker.

Tiered commission structures are an option that some brokerages offer their agents to incentivize them to sell more properties. These structures allow the agents to earn a larger share of the total commission for each sale that they complete within a certain period. This type of incentive can help to increase the number of transactions a real estate agent is responsible for and can significantly impact an agent’s first year salary.

For example, a broker may require their agents to sell at least 100 properties during a calendar quarter before offering them an additional percentage on the commission rate. This will provide an incentive to sellers and buyers to work with the agent to achieve this milestone as it demonstrates the agent’s ability to generate business for the broker.

In addition to calculating the total commission on each sale, a real estate agent will also need to consider the various tax implications of their earnings. Unlike a salaried job where taxes are automatically deducted from the paycheck, most real estate agents are independent contractors who will need to calculate their quarterly estimated tax payments themselves. However, there are several tools that can help with this calculation and make the process easier for both agents and their clients.



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